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Make Your Restaurant Menu the Talking Point with Help of Pictures by Ravi Jain

Ravi Jain, the Mumbai, Maharashtra based photographer is considered as one of the best food photographers in the mega city. He uses his camera to click amazing pictures of food being served by a restaurant. He clicks pictures of food items in such a way that they become a talking point among customers, who become inquisitive to know more about the restaurant offering such food, and slowly start trooping into the restaurant, boosting its popularity. Besides ‘word of mouth’ publicity, and excellent food and drinks on offer for customers;the photography skills of Ravi Jain have played a big role in creating a distinct brand name for several restaurants in Mumbai.

As a food photographer for restaurant; he has fruitful association with various popular food chains, restaurants, cafes in Mumbai namely1441 Pizzeria, The Burrow Café, West India Co& Bar, Hard Rock Café, 212 Café, Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf, Bombay Blue, Fun Food, Copper Chimney, The Bohri Kitchen,Sizusan, BarBar, Shiro, Noodle Bar, and Spaghetti Kitchens, Neel Restaurant. It is his ability to click amazing pictures of food items that make him stand out as the most sought-after food photographer. As a food photographer; he works not only on long-term contract basis but also freelance basis.

A self-taught photographer, he uses his knowledge to click pictures with focus on food style and prop, both key aspects which are essential for creating an immaculate imagery that will resonate well with the discerning customer. As a food stylist and photographer, he has an eye for perfection and makes full use of his keen interest in latest trends and use of cinematic techniques in photography to click the best pictures of food items in the food menu in a way thatthe picture itself tellsa story. It is his ability to quickly grasp the requirement and go about clicking the best picture of a food item, which is on the menu of a restaurant, makes him standout in the crowd of photographers especially food photographers in Mumbai.

Whether it’s a new product/dish shoot or a shoot for food festival or for any other special occasion, the dedication with which he clicks pictures of food menu, which is also his passion is visible in all his work.His food pictures give a major fillip to the restaurant menu, forcing the discerning customer to feel attracted towards a particular food item. This attraction then turns into food order; and as more and more diners get attracted and start enquiring about to a particular food item, thanks to ‘word of mouth’ publicity; it results in more footfalls into the restaurant. This results in that particular food item on the menu becoming the signature dish or the talking point for the restaurant. This ultimately gives a massive boost to popularity and brand building effort of a restaurant. Ravi Jain is your go-to man for pictorial branding of your signature dish.