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Product Photography in Mumbai

Get Your Product with Photography by Ravi Jain

As a product seller in; are you looking for someone with expertise and knowledge of guidelines associated with clicking pictures of products for listing them on the amazon product selling catalogue. Then there is no one better than Ravi Jain, a self-taught photographer, who is considered as one of the best for Amazon product photography in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He uses his expertise in still photography to click pictures as per stringent Amazon guidelines. A thorough professional;hehas been clicking pictures since the start of decade.

It is his ability to click images of top-notch quality, that leaves an ever-lasting impression on minds of the online buyers, makes him stand out in the crowd. His forte has been his keen attention to detail that covers every aspect of amazon product photography. Whether its’ a cloth, readymade garment, jewelry, utensil, showpiece, artefacts, collectibles and more; he adheres to all the Amazon picture guidelines with regards to image size, image frame, background color, image design, image file format, image type and image color mode. A passionate photographer, Ravi Jain with his in-depth knowledge of new trends and techniques in photography clicks amazing pictures of products.

He makes its point to click pictures of products in a manner; that just by looking at the picture of the product posted at, the prospective online customer takes noticeof the product and buys it. As more and more online buyers go for the product, it helps to enhance the brand value of the product. He provides services to not just individual amazon sellers but also shops and other business establishments. He is available for freelance photography job as well as assignments under contract via Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin; besides his own website,