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Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Make Your Wedding a Memorable Affair with Pictures by Ravi Jain

If you are looking for ways to make your wedding a memorable affair to cherish by all including yourself, your relatives, your friends; then nothing better than clicking the most memorable pictures that can be framed for posterity. If you are looking for someone to click such memorable wedding pictures that tell a story; then Ravi Jain, one of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai, Maharashtra is your go-to man for the job. A man who has mastered the art of photography, he lets his pictures speak to convey the right kind of message during a wedding celebration.

It is said a picture said more than 1000 words; and Ravi Jain, a master story teller who uses a camera to take pictures that tell a story, is the right kind of man for a special occasion like wedding. As a Mumbai based photographer, he has been clicking pictures not just for weddings but also all pre-wedding rituals and functions including engagement, bachelor/bachelorette party in Mumbai and surrounding areas.It is his ability to click amazing pictures that makes him the best pre wedding photographer in Mumbai.Whether the marriage is at a home or wedding venue; he works in association with wedding organizer, caterer, facility manager to create the best setting so that the best images can be clicked.

One of the few who converted their passion into profession, he has been clicking photographs professionally since the start of this decade. He makes it a point to ensure that everything is perfect for clicking the best picture during the wedding, be it lighting, background, flower decoration, and placement of artefacts and other decoration

Everyone knows that wedding is a hectic affair and most of the times it becomes chaotic despite being a celebration of sorts in India. Everyonetries to look best, dress best and do best then others. It is in this chaotic atmosphere those involved in the wedding, whether from bride or groom side or in the wedding execution; try to steal a few moments of relaxation, when they let their hair down, or do just about anything unmindful of others. One of the best candid wedding photographersin Mumbai; Ravi Jain is always on the lookout for such candid moments, when he catches those present at the wedding unaware. He can be always reached for freelance photography assignments, and projects on contract via Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin; besides his own website,